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Auditor Gabe Sumner, a veteran of Selden Fox since January 2003, estimates that he has been bowling since the age of 3. Having been a league bowler at the youth level, in college and into his adult life, Gabe has flirted with bowling a 300 game on several occasions, going back to the age of 16. On Tuesday, January 31, 2012, Gabe finally accomplished this long-awaited, elusive feat.

Participating in the Tuesday Night Mixed League at Fox Bowl in Wheaton, as he does each week, Gabe rolled his 300 game in the middle of his three league games that night. Midway through the fateful second game, Gabe switched balls on the right lane, his adjustment paying off in the ultimate result.

Reflecting on his accomplishment, Gabe stated that he was actually more relieved than elated at bowling the perfect game, because he had been so close several times before.

Congratulations, Gabe!