Communications & Media

Given the continuous growth in digital technology, the communications and media sector as a whole has experienced unprecedented change, with more expected in the years to come. This upheaval, driven by evolving technology, often means significant changes for organizations within the industry. For individual companies, this could mean different things — from changing or adding service or product lines to downsizing, recruiting individuals with new and different talents, or acquisitions or mergers.

At Selden Fox, we stand beside many communications and media companies as their trusted advisor throughout these changes. We guide them as their financial, tax, audit and accounting needs change and evolve during these times. Our team of accountants has experience working with the typical business structures in the sector, and also has the industry knowledge to provide meaningful guidance to keep businesses active and moving forward as these changes develop. We deliver the right balance of historical observations of your organization, industry advances and forward thinking to anticipate future opportunities and potential challenges that may lie ahead.