Since 2005, this local township with no internal accounting department has relied on Selden Fox for general ledger maintenance, payroll processing, monthly financial reports, tax levy ordinances, disbursement reports, and a myriad of other services that truly go beyond the traditional accountant role.

Although Beth inherited Selden Fox as her accounting firm from her predecessor her first impression was that Selden Fox was more than just her accountant. “Since I started working with Selden Fox I viewed the relationship as more of a personal assistant as opposed to just my accountant.”

AccountingAs a township supervisor, Beth’s responsibilities run the gamut from the finances to employee matters and everything in between. With much to juggle, Selden Fox’s Brian Eagan makes Beth’s deadlines his deadlines. “And he makes the hard application of those deadlines—he is good at staying on top of those deadlines for me.” The relationship Beth and Brian Eagan have fostered gives Beth the confidence that Selden Fox knows and understands her situation and can provide her with informed opinions and advice when issues arise for her. And if Brian is not available, Beth knows the rest of the Selden Fox team has a pulse on what she does and can always provide her the assistance she needs.

Beth has appreciated the long-term relationship, and although initially concerned when any previous transitions took place within the Selden Fox team she has always been comfortable with the change because the understanding of her needs has never wavered.

“Dealing with money, bills and investments is not always enjoyable. Selden Fox is competent, knowledgeable and friendly. You can tell the staff is dedicated and very committed to the job they do. And they are committed to their clients.”

It is also evident to Beth that Selden Fox understands that the township must always be mindful that they must work within their means while planning for the future of its residents. With a “pay as you go” budget system is place, it is imperative any reserve balance is safeguarded. Working with Beth, Brian recently came up with a solution that protects these reserves for the benefit of the township’s residents. The commitment Selden Fox demonstrated in its effort to find the right solution for this issue and one that would work for us exemplifies the accountability they hold themselves to when it comes to the future of their clients.

In another situation, Selden Fox provided advice on bringing together the employee policies with long held employee practices in light of a new employee handbook that was issued. With a focus on being both fair and equitable to her employees, Beth has turned to Selden Fox because she values their opinion and is confident they have dealt with similar situations in the past.

Would Beth recommend Selden Fox to others? “Yes and I have.” In her experience, Selden Fox is timely and proactive in its communication, and the value of the relationship extends beyond the conventional accountant to an invaluable asset for her.