Audit Services

Our Personalized Audit Approach

We have conducted external audits that literally number in the thousands. Yet for each individual audit, we have personalized our audit approach to focus on those areas that represent the most significant business risks to you and the respective users of your financial information. This risk-based approach destroys the myth that one audit is just like the next.

We place special emphasis on areas that may be of concern to you or the users of your financial information. In addition, we take the time to thoroughly understand each component of your internal control over financial information reporting. Often, our internal control recommendations will help you reduce the risk of defalcations or fraudulent financial reporting. Highly effective internal control can be tested and relied upon in order to reduce the amount of account balance work. This results in an extremely efficient and effective audit.

Our personalized audit approach allows us to:

  • Run a highly efficient, focused audit
  • Save your team time
  • Simplify the audit process and make it much less of a distraction from everyday work for you and your staff
  • Provide you with prompt advice, recommendations and responses to your questions or concerns