I had the opportunity to intern with Selden Fox for two summers before starting full-time as an audit associate this past fall. During my internship, I gained valuable work experience and skills that confirmed my decision to go into public accounting. I was given exposure to a variety of clients and industries including governmental entities, nonprofits, financial institutions, and benefit plans. I also experienced firsthand the advantages of working for a mid-size firm. Even as an intern, I had the chance to work directly with the officers and shareholders at Selden Fox and was given flexibility with my schedule.

One of the most valuable aspects of my internship at Selden Fox was that I was treated just like a first-year associate. I was assigned my own areas on engagements and received guidance and feedback regularly. Some of my responsibilities as an intern included:

  • Testing internal controls over cash receipts, payroll, and cash disbursements
  • Verifying account balances through bank statements and confirmations
  • Recalculating interest and depreciation computations for accuracy
  • Preparing schedules of legal expenses
  • Searching for unrecorded liabilities
  • Reviewing entries and examining invoices to ensure transactions were properly classified
  • Documenting audit evidence and cross-referencing workpapers
  • Proposing adjusting journal entries for misstatements found during fieldwork
  • Discussing transactions with clients
  • Preparing federal and state payroll tax returns
  • Attending firm trainings and events

Despite the unique challenges this past year has brought all of us, my internship prepared me well for full-time employment at Selden Fox. Knowledge of the company’s software, employees, culture, and protocol were especially helpful when starting as a full-time audit associate in our nearly all-remote setting. I am very appreciative of my internship as it equipped me with skills that could not be taught in a classroom. It was an invaluable experience.

Article by Sarah Beninato who joined Selden Fox in 2020 as an associate auditor after interning at the firm in summers of 2018 and 2019.