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We understand that routine financial and tax questions can arise for you at any given day or time. Our various resources aim to give you answers to some of these basic questions at your fingertips. Although these resources cannot substitute for the advice our team can provide, they can offer insight as you begin to consider new financial investments and opportunities.

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Client Portal

The Selden Fox Portal is a convenient, secure electronic storage space where files can be shared while maximizing the security of sensitive information. Read more

Forms & References

We are always seeking the latest industry resources and government updates that we think will provide the greatest value and benefit for you. Read more

Online Tax Guide

Our tax guide is made up of a series of questions, charts and other important information, without all the jargon that you typically find in tax articles. Read more

Taxpayer Resources

We call Illinois home so here are some helpful resources for our neighbors, Illinois taxpayers--both residents and businesses. Read more