Five partners from a national accounting firm opened our doors more than 40 years ago knowing their clients needed more from their accountants than they were getting at the time. Their vision then was based on the philosophy that clients deserve quality work for which national firms are known and the close, personalized service of small firms. This model and philosophy continue to ring true today, not only for clients but also for our team members.

Career Development

As a team member at Selden Fox, you have the autonomy to develop your career. You are supported by a dedicated team with in-house training, ongoing professional development opportunities, and a collaborative working environment. Not to mention you will get to know every team member. You are given flexibility in your schedule that appreciates you have a world outside the firm’s office walls. You can voice your ideas to the owners of the firm by walking down the hall. At Selden Fox, there is more opportunity compared to larger firms for one-on-one interaction with team members and firm owners. This allows for the creation of personal relationships that can last a lifetime.

In terms of career development, you have the opportunity to work with various clients across diverse industries. You are often given opportunities to develop your career at a quicker pace compared to larger firms exposing you to work and clients much earlier in your career.

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