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Employee Retention Tax Credit

Find out if your business can claim this generous payroll tax credit in 2021.

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Given our new reality, we are committed to keeping you up to date on the impact of COVID-19 as it relates to the services we provide. Check back with us regularly.

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Accounting For Your Future

We can be your tax and audit specialist, your virtual CFO or your entire finance department. Whatever your needs, we’ll keep you moving forward.

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Compliance For Your Benefit Plan

Exceeding DOL’s recommended qualifications for benefit plan auditor.

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Achieving Goals With the Right Guidance

Managing a business takes passion, grit and determination, wherever you are in the journey. Having the right financial advisor to help leverage opportunities and navigate the accounting, tax, audit and other challenges is essential. That's why Chicago CPA Firm, Selden Fox, helps business owners reach their financial goals through the right mix of practical advice, guidance and solutions. Discover what Selden Fox can offer your organization!

Our Insights

Keep up with the latest industry trends, tax tips, regulatory changes, and firm news.

Illinois S-Corps and Partnerships May Want to Take Advantage of this Tax Deduction in 2021

Illinois Senate Bill 2531, signed into law in September 2021, created a pass-through entity tax election (PTE) for partnerships and S corporations that opts..... Read more

Major Changes to the Auditor's Report

The AICPA Auditing Standards Board (ASB) has issued a suite of standards that affect the auditor’s report: Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 134 through 140. This article looks at SAS No. 134 Auditor Reporting and Amendments,... Read more

Success Stories

A look at the Selden Fox team in action making a difference in our clients' businesses.


  • Consulting Services - Chicago CPA


    As things got more complex with his growing business, it was evident to Frank that he needed more qualified help so he turned to Selden Fox. Read Frank's story

  • Chicago Accounting Services - Chicago CPA


    Although Beth inherited Selden Fox as her accounting firm from her predecessor, her first impression was that the firm would be more than just her accountant. Read Beth's story

  • Tax Compliance - Chicago Tax Planning

    Tax & Compliance

    Last year, business was good for Julie; she hired 20 more agents and moved to a bigger office. This bumped her brokerage into new tax territory, but Selden Fox had planned for that.

  • Audit Assurance Services - Chicago CPA

    Auditing & Assurance

    John called on Selden Fox when he purchased his uncle’s roofing business. From converting from manual accounting to assisting with a merger, Selden Fox has been with him every step of the way. Read John's story

  • Chicago Wealth Planning - Chicago CPA

    Business Valuations

    Helen's grandchildren are her pride and joy. With Selden Fox's help, she was able to put a value on her business that allowed for more strategic estate and gift tax planning to benefit her grandchildren.


These are just a few of the partnerships that help strengthen the support we provide to our clients.