At Selden Fox, we are experts at auditing. An internal audit is a natural progression and extension of the external audit that is performed on a more detailed and regular basis. There are a number of factors an organization should consider as they contemplate investing in an internal audit. Some of these factors include:

  • Size and / or complexity of your business
  • Extent of your existing internal controls and / or review of your operational policies and procedures
  • Perspective of your regulator(s) and/or board of directors when it comes to their oversight responsibilities
  • Existing ability — in both resources and expertise — to establish an internal audit function

Our auditors will meet with management, department heads and / or the board of directors to listen to your needs, priorities and concerns. A projected internal audit program schedule and time commitment will be established. From the start, you will decide the extent of the internal audit process. With clearly defined objectives, we will design specific procedures within your parameters and time expectations.

Our clients appreciate that outsourcing the internal audit function produces effective results. We deliver quality recommendations to increase system efficiency, strengthen internal controls, provide useful and concise information, and develop processes to help your business grow profitably.

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