Since our founding, we have deeply committed to serving non-profit organizations.

We understand that tax-exempt organizations are established for a variety of purposes. We also understand that each organization is unique and has different audit and tax needs. As we do with all of our clients, we personalize our approach to your organization. Additionally, many of our staff members are actively involved in community activities and serve on various non-profit organization boards, so we bring a very client-centered perspective to our nonprofit clients. Our community involvement also helps us to fully understand the needs and evolving challenges your organization may encounter.

We work with a variety of nonprofit organizations, with annual budgets of up to $150 million. Types of non-profit organizations we work with include private foundations, social clubs, trade associations, cooperatives, religious organizations, private schools, business leagues and social service organizations.

Since our founding, we have audited, reviewed and compiled the financial statements of numerous non-profit associations and charities, and performed various related agreed-upon procedures. Today, our non-profit work comprises more than 25% of our business. Our auditors, as needed, fulfill the continuing education requirements of the Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (“Yellow Book”) to maintain professional proficiency to perform single audits and/or individual grant audits.

Our tax professionals have a keen understanding of the tax complexities and issues facing the various types of non-profit organizations. We prepare applications for tax-exempt status, form 990 and / or form 990-T, as well as other required state filings. Our tax professionals have extensive knowledge and many years of experience, which they utilize to provide non-profits with the service they need to meet the IRS filing requirements in a timely and accurate way, as well as offering best practice consulting services to the board of directors as needed.

In addition to audit and tax expertise, we routinely provide the following services to non-profit organizations:

  • Single audit or grant audits in accordance with OMB A-133/Uniform Guidance or HUD standards
  • Internal audit
  • Interpretation of compliance requirements
  • Internal control evaluation
  • Accounting system design or evaluation
  • Consulting regarding employee benefit plans
  • Strategic planning
  • Board training or consulting on best practices

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Our organization has been a client of Selden Fox for many years. We are very satisfied with the quality of the firm's work and especially with the responsiveness of the firm's personnel. The firm has assisted us with issues that go beyond the financial statements. It has been a very worthwhile professional relationship.

— Director of Administration and Operations, Nonprofit Organization
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