Our audit and tax teams work with a number of parochial and private schools, as well as higher education institutions. Given our experience, we have an understanding of your specialized needs and are sensitive to your unique concerns. We take the time to learn what is even more specific to your school or institution, so we can provide recommendations and solutions that will be practical for you.

Our understanding of the education sector means that we know we must be flexible in our relationship with you, provide extremely efficient service that is mindful of your budget constraints, and simplify our processes to save you and your people time and your institution resources. Beyond our tax and audit services, we are committed to facilitating the success of your school as a whole. As a result, we often consult on issues that reach beyond the traditional accounting function. Thus, we bring you relevant experience working as business advisors, confidants and consultants, providing:

  • Assistance with and facilitation of strategic planning
  • Recommendations on improving processes, policies and procedures
  • Recommendations on effective internal controls over financial operations
  • Counsel on management issues, industry risks, employee concerns and other matters relating to running an educational institution
  • Assistance with designing and negotiating unique debt structures, including tax-free financing options

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Selden Fox is very professional and thorough in their work and services. The staff was very easy to work with and very helpful.

— President, Private School