We provide agreed-upon procedures customized to your needs. This service does not have to encompass an entire financial statement. Rather, you can engage us to perform specified procedures on any element, item or account on a financial statement. Agreed-upon procedures can also be used for testing compliance requirements with regulations, contracts, or internal policies and procedures.

For example, let’s say that your business just implemented a new inventory control system and you would like certain procedures performed to test the perpetual inventory records. The type and extent of the procedures we test would be completely up to you.

Because specified parties’ needs vary widely, the timing and extent of the agreed-upon procedures may vary as well. Consequently, the specified parties indicated in the report assume responsibility for the sufficiency of the procedures, since they best understand their own needs and objectives. We can certainly provide advice regarding the nature and extent of procedures that you could choose from. Our final report would also describe in detail the customized procedures performed, along with our findings and recommendations.

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