The Selden Fox Portal is a convenient, secure electronic storage space where files can be shared while maximizing the security of sensitive information.

With your personal portal, you gain bidirectional file exchange capabilities that make it easy for you to securely deliver and receive documents, and facilitate collaboration with the Selden Fox team. The portal also supports the upload of even the largest files. Contact your Selden Fox professional to create your personal portal today.

Technology Continues to Frame the Future

CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax is the software used to support and manage our client portal. With this system, you have unmatched convenience through instant access to documents — including tax returns, financial statements and source documents. The full-featured user interface provides fast and simple upload and download functionality. Your Selden Fox Portal helps you:

  • Access vital documents via a secure, private repository immediately from any location with Internet access
  • Organize documents in electronic folders that mirror the way you store paper documents
  • Easily upload documents of all sizes without relying on an FTP server
  • Upload QuickBooks® files to the portal, eliminating the need to exchange DVDs

Access the Selden Fox Portal

Download the Selden Fox Portal User Guide