We take the long-term wealth and security of our clients (along with their businesses and family members) very seriously. In addition to helping you with annual tax and audit needs, our professionals offer their expertise to help you prepare for the future. We take a proactive approach to estate and wealth planning. There are many strategies we employ that offer tremendous benefit to your long-term planning. Our knowledgeable team has the skills and experience to implement a variety of strategies designed to ensure long-term asset value.

You work hard during your lifetime to accumulate lasting wealth for yourself and your family. Whether a successful executive for a large company or a determined entrepreneur with your own business, you will acquire many assets during your lifetime. A personal residence, perhaps a second home or investment real estate, marketable securities, insurance and a college fund for children are some examples of assets for which plans must be made — be it for your retirement, bequests or other options.

Estate planning enables you to make both lifetime and testamentary transfers of assets to family members, friends and perhaps charities of choice. To conserve value for those recipients, we create a plan by which you pay a minimum amount of gift and estate taxes to ensure these assets are at maximum value upon transfer.

Estate planning is the part of the wealth-building plan that clients often overlook at the time when the most could be done to ensure asset value. We provide gift and estate tax consulting, which your legal advisers can implement for maximum benefit. We provide several valuable services, including:

  • Gift tax planning
  • Estate tax strategies
  • Review of your estate tax plan
  • Family income tax planning
  • Trust income tax planning
  • Retirement plan distribution planning
  • Charitable gift planning
  • Lifetime federal gift and estate tax return preparation
  • Lifetime state inheritance and estate tax return preparation
  • Testamentary transfer preparation

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For 20 plus years, I have found Selden Fox's employees to be very knowledgeable and professional in handling my tax affairs. The depth of their professional bench is impressive. I can highly recommend their services to anyone with complex financial issues.

— Individual Taxpayer

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