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Finding the Right CPA Firm for Your Manufacturing Company

The formula for success includes solving for many variables. Chicago manufacturers regardless of their particular focus and skill, face many of the same challenges in attainin ... Read more

Saving Opportunities with the R&D Tax Credit

Many Chicago area companies have benefited from the changes ushered in by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (tax reform). However, while tax reform opened the door to new oppo ... Read more

A Look at Retirement Accounts

Retirement carries a different meaning to every individual. For some, the ability to hit the golf course every weekday propels them forward. For others, retirement means spend ... Read more

Trade Uncertainties a Top Concern for Manufacturers

Chicago manufacturing companies seeking to maintain a financially healthy and robust business face many challenges. Not only are there issues with attracting and retaining a q ... Read more

Myths of Valuing a Private Business

There are several situations when a business owner may need a business valuation, including estate and gift tax planning, buying and selling a business, litigation, or even ju ... Read more

Offering a Tasty F&I Menu

The F&I department remains a source of untapped profit potential for many dealerships, which is especially important when margins on new vehicle sales are tight. One way t ... Read more

Selecting Your Entity Type – A Look At The Choices

There’s a certain spirit about entrepreneurs that sets them apart from other business professionals. They have a creative spark and imagination that allows them to envision ... Read more

TCJA’s Impact on Business Valuations

Business valuations will look different than they have in years past thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Even though the TCJA kept valuation rules the same, the effect ... Read more