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Guidance for Terminated Employee Retention Tax Credit

As the name suggests, the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) was designed to provide a financial incentive to business owners that kept workers on the payroll during the COV ... Read more

Illinois S-Corps and Partnerships May Want to Take Advantage of this Tax Deduction in 2021

Illinois Senate Bill 2531, signed into law in September 2021, created a pass-through entity tax election (PTE) for partnerships and S corporations. Entities that opt into the ... Read more

Advantages of a Family Office

Family offices are designed to support and meet the needs of wealthy families and their advisors who are often in charge of growing and transferring wealth across a family’s ... Read more

Fraud Losses Drain Needed Resources for Nonprofits

Fraud is an unwelcome occurrence at any business or organization. The sting felt when an employee, executive, or vendor betrays trust and steals is difficult to overcome. This ... Read more

Inventory Issues Plaguing Chicago Auto Dealers

Auto dealerships across Chicago are facing unexpected and challenging business conditions due to lack of inventory. The shortage of chips required to build new cars, trucks, a ... Read more

Employee Plan Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS) Changes Announced

Chicago area and Illinois businesses that offer an employer-sponsored retirement plan are familiar with the high number of regulations governing these plans. While small plans ... Read more

Major Changes to the Auditor’s Report

If you are a user of audited financial statements, you should be aware that the auditor’s reports for 2021 calendar year end audits will have a new look. The AICPA Auditing ... Read more

Build Back Better Act: Proposed Retirement Changes

Since earlier this year the Biden administration has been focused on passing several pieces of comprehensive legislation designed to address the COVID-19 crisis while accelera ... Read more