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Offering a Tasty F&I Menu

The F&I department remains a source of untapped profit potential for many dealerships, which is especially important when margins on new vehicle sales are tight. One way t ... Read more

Selecting Your Entity Type – A Look At The Choices

There’s a certain spirit about entrepreneurs that sets them apart from other business professionals. They have a creative spark and imagination that allows them to envision ... Read more

TCJA’s Impact on Business Valuations

Business valuations will look different than they have in years past thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Even though the TCJA kept valuation rules the same, the effect ... Read more

Auto Dealers: Turning the Challenges of 2019 into Opportunities

Consumer spending, interest rates, energy prices, and technology innovation will continue to be the drivers for vehicle demand. These factors should keep auto dealerships on t ... Read more

Executive Compensation Requires Careful Decision Making

Dealership owners, understandably, want themselves and top executives to be compensated fairly for their work, results and interest. So how do you achieve that goal without at ... Read more

Could “no-haggle” selling be right for your dealership?

In recent years, some dealerships have adopted a “no-haggle” or one-price model for selling vehicles. This has been in response to several factors, including greater trans ... Read more

Why You Should Retain OId Insurance Policies

After insurance policies expire, many dealerships just throw away the paper copies and delete the digital files. In certain situations, though, you may need to produce these p ... Read more

Improve Dealership Performance with Benchmarking

Successful dealerships tend to keep close tabs on their finances and operations by measuring and monitoring certain performance metrics. Doing so helps managers spot trends th ... Read more