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Tax Planning: Stock Evaluation At Year End

Most of you are aware that during the month of November and December, many mutual funds pay out dividends and capital gains that have accumulated during the year. If you own s ... Read more

Five Key Accounting Reports to Review Monthly

The focus for most business executives and entrepreneurs is on the performance of the company itself. This often means time and energy is focused on customer service, sales, m ... Read more

Recruiting – Confirming First Job Expectations

Article by Zach Redis, a graduate of Bradley University, who joined Selden Fox in the summer of 2022. Searching for your first professional job upon graduation can be a daunti ... Read more

Recruiting – The Light at the End of the Tunnel

It has now been two and one-half years since COVID-19 prompted the world as we knew it to begin shutting down. Around the time of most spring breaks, classes, after a week or ... Read more

Best Practices for Business Document Retention

As a business, how long you need to keep tax and other records or documents always seems like more of a daunting question than it really should be. Whether you are a new emplo ... Read more

Protecting the Dealership from Vendor Fraud

As business owners, you must rely on your employees and vendors to help your dealership succeed. Sometimes, those same vendors and individuals take advantage of situations to ... Read more

Inflation Reduction Act: Impact on Businesses

This week President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (Act) into law. In addition to the energy efficient tax incentives for taxpayers, the $740 billion law raises reve ... Read more

Taxpayers Receive Energy Efficient Tax Incentives from Inflation Reduction Act

Earlier this week, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (Act) into law. The legislation is designed to help curb the spikes in inflation that have been threateni ... Read more