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Our People

A Team Accessible to You

Selden Fox professionals are not typical accountants focused only on the numbers. We combine our knowledge of your business with our experience to identify opportunities for enhancing your business. Our team is an amalgam of experienced and dedicated individuals committed to the welfare and success of you — our clients. At our core, our team’s priority is you and your financial future. Given our size, we are available and accessible to you at all times, at all levels of the organization, from staff accountants to shareholders. Each member of the team is committed to going beyond the role of a traditional accountant to serve as a trusted advisor for your long-term goal planning and financial security for years to come.

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Sharon Gregor

Executive Vice President and Shareholder

Joseph Meyer- Chicago CPA Firm

Joseph Meyer

President and Shareholder

Steven Pierson

Executive Vice President and Shareholder

John Stucky - Chicago CPA

John Stucky

Executive Vice President and Shareholder

Edward Tracy -Chicago CPA Firm

Edward Tracy

Executive Vice President and Shareholder